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Reflections: A Dream of Revolution

A few months ago, I had a dream. It was a sensation, a feeling rather than a story.

I’m in a park, it’s a beautiful day. People are spread out in small groups, everyone enjoying each other and the sunny day.

Permeating the dream is the consciousness of revolution. Demonstrations are going on in major cities and small towns. I’m filled with a heightened awareness of the desire and need to maintain momentum for change.  There is a deep sense of consensus in the dream that momentum needed to maintained, it wasn’t an option, but a given, a deep awareness that our society MUST fundamentally change and that we would work together to make it happen.

The underground interconnection of trees pervaded the dream, the microscopic mycelium networks trees use to communicate about their shared environment, changing conditions, and potential danger.  We know that trees partner with each other through invisible networks of underground fungi, building channels that help them stay healthy and cope with challenges in their environment. This underground communication is hidden and deeply alive. Sometimes working invisibly is smart and keeps one safe.

There was an aerial perspective that joined us all, we shared the determination to stay connected and to work together to keep up the pressure for deep rooted change and transformation.

An inner calmness filled me as I woke, a welcome sense of interconnection and possibility as an antidote to anxiety and grief, which during much of last year was so pervasive.


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