Mediation – How it Works

  • The Mediation process begins with a phone call with whoever is making the referral.
  • Once the situation is assessed, we determine next steps. Options are individual sessions, joint sessions or other formats such as shuttle mediation. The sessions are offered ONLINE or IN-PERSON.

Interpersonal conflicts between two people can be completed with a minimum of two sessions. Additional meetings can be arranged as needed.

More time is needed for family or team meditations, or particularly fraught and long-standing interpersonal conflicts.

Agreements are verbal or written. The mediator will not pressure parties to reach an agreement that does not meet their interests. Rather, the mediator supports parties to reach a mutually agreed and sustainable solution.

If, during the mediation it becomes apparent that a formal process is more appropriate to the particular situation, this can be pursued.  In most cases however, mediation will deliver a viable resolution acceptable to all parties.

A Consent to Mediate Form will be provided before beginning the process.