Mediation Services For the Workplace, In Families and in the Community


Katherine Stoessel offers experienced, customized, in -person and virtual mediation services. As a trained professional mediator, she will help the participants listen to each other’s view, with the goal of developing a mutually satisfactory solution.

Benefits of Working with a Mediator:

Clarifies interests and needs

Respects emotions

Furthers clarity and understanding

Increases awareness of individual strengths and choice

Builds and strengthens relationships

For mediation to work, participation must be voluntary. Additionally, everything revealed during these sessions will be kept strictly confidential.

Workplace Mediation

We can work with individuals and teams.

Sensitive situations and difficult conversations can be challenging for managers and staff. Underachieving team members, tensions between strong personalities, accusations of bulling or harassment, and difficult attitudes are some examples.

Mediation allows parties to explore critical issues in a productive way. It increases communication skills, and strengthens the ability of individuals and teams to work together more effectively.

Working with Families

Family mediation occurs between adults, siblings, elders and other extended family members. Given the increasingly diverse family structures in our society, mediation offers a process to uncover flexible and creative solutions.

Working with Couples

Mediation provides couples with a forum for productive communication. By encouraging active listening, highlighting shared values, and clarifying where differences exist, couples explore what to do – together.

Parent-Child Relationships

Some of our most unique and significant relationships are with our children. Children are constantly changing as they go through life and relationships inevitably change with them.

Mediation provides a chance to repair relationships when communication has broken down, when emotions are volatile, and when we feel estranged from those we love.

Elderly Individuals

Consider mediation when an important family discussion is needed about a major transition, from handing in the car keys to more complex care needs.

Would you like to discuss your situation with mediator Katherine Stoessel?

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