Restorative intent offers a range of services and interventions to address difficult and sensitive interpersonal and group situations effectively and creatively.

Challenges and Opportunities

Conflict presents a real opportunity for people to learn, grow and develop mutual understanding.  Conflict situations challenge us to learn about ourselves, “the other”, and the wider context; they provide an opportunity for people to express what is important and valuable in their lives, what is missing, and what they need. Through facilitation, training, coaching and mediation, Restorative intent offers the support people need to make the most of this opportunity.

Based in Columbia County, New York, Restorative intent works with organizations, families and schools  in the Hudson Valley, the Capital District and beyond.

About Katherine

“There is a story living in us that speaks of our place in the world….to hear it we have only to be silent for a moment and turn our face to the wind.”

I have always been passionate about human relations – the nature of how people live, work and play together, communicate and coexist. My earlier careers in education and the performing arts have contributed to my work in conflict resolution and restorative practices and for the past 20 years I have worked as a workplace, family and community mediator, restorative justice facilitator, co-active coach in the US, the United Kingdom, West Africa and Europe.

Katherine is a wonderful facilitator, respectful, open, encouraging, and flexible…

…a real eye opener to benefits of mediation for all parties involved

“Katherine is non-judgmental, non-directive and a great listener. Her reflective approach has helped me to gain a fresh perspective and to identify new strategies for addressing conflict.”

“Katherine helped me to learn from experience, develop new skills and understanding and be a more effective CEO.”

“Katherine is a woman of great integrity, and I trusted her from the first time we met.”

A calm and reassuring approach made me feel at ease with the process and helped me get the most out of it

A hugely beneficial experience



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